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Your Holiday Bookings Will Help with Endangered Species, Reforestation and Education In Cambodia!

Saving Endangered Animals

Simply use our search box for and we will donate some of our commission to the Wildlife Alliance that help protect endangered mammals, reptiles, birds and fish such as:

"Asian Elephants, Tigers, Elds Deer, Clouded Leopard, Irrawady Dolphin, Giant Ibis and Green Peafowl, Giant Freshwater Stingray, Cantor’s Giant Softshell Turtle and sadly more ... "

Certificate of donation signed by CEO of Wildlife Alliance

Planting Trees

We are committed to helping initiatives, land owners and individuals to replant trees.
Last year your contributions helped us to plant around 2000 trees with the help of volunteers, local kids and the community, raising awareness and educating about the growing global problems that we all face such as loss of species, habitats, natural space and resources and ultimately climate change.

Reducing Poverty Via Education

By searching from this page and booking your holidays, you will be helping to improve the lives of poor families and children in Cambodia. We have been working with the Red Road Foundation, Mom Center and many other educational organisations. We provide solar power for schools and you can view a testimonial here

Search Now And We Donate!!!

Just use the search box below, you will be taken to as normal, this search sends a reference ID in the link and once you have made your booking we donate the commission we recieve to the organisations listed above.

This does not cost you any extra and you still get the best deals on!

What people are saying...

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Pat (Thailand)

"I use to book my hotels around the world anyway, so just by searching here, I have made a difference and I have a big passion for helping to save our planet's forests and the wildlife that live within them."

Torch Tours Testimonial image of real person
Kevin (UK)

"I think its great what you are doing here, after visiting Cambodia I have seen the poverty first hand and it makes me feel better to be contributing to helping these children just by using your search box. The kids at the Red Road foundation look so happy! Great work folks!"

Torch Tours Testimonial image of real person
Nita (Canada)

"I was a bit sceptical at first, but you just search from this page, book your hotel as normal and then you can help a good cause, what struck a chord with me was helping the tigers and elephants, especially Chhuok at the Wildlife reserve with the prosthetic limb. "