Virachey National Park

A view of the Cambodian plains from a temple

Virachey National Park and its many attractions are a must see to visitors to Cambodia. There comes a time in most peoples lives when they need to amuse themselves in a different way which is usually through travelling to a place which can give them tranquillity and an insight into different people and places.

For soothing their minds, many sightseers around the globe are always in search of a scenic place to travel around. Their eyes are always in search of a challenging discovery.

If one wishes to visit a place which is a complete package for their exploring wits then they must opt for a place in Cambodia that has all they could ask for, Virachey National Park is the treat we are provoking you to get indulged in.

Facts about Virachey National Park

Virachey National Park was formed under the Royal Decree concerning the foundation and description of Protected Areas, issued on 1 November 1993, and is monitored by the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia.

Virachey National Park is the prevalent national park in Cambodia, a habitat of mesmerizing views of forests and a huge number of plants and animals.

There is a lot to fall in love with when you visit this 3325 sq km park, east to Vietnam, north to Laos and west to Stung Treng Province.

As it isn’t a piece of cake to visit the park on your own, to comfort your touring needs there is Virachey National Park Eco-Tourism Information Centre in Ban Lung, where you can plan your trekking conveniently. They will guide you about all you need to know about your trip. It is 50kms away from Ban Lung town.

It is a must to plan out a once in a lifetime experience trip here. Virachey National Park offers trekking, kayaking, camping and some wonderful sightseeing.

Usually, it takes about an hour to make it there, but if it is a rainy day then it will cause a delay of 4 to 5 hours to meet your target. Once you reach this humongous park and start your trek, you will witness incredible wildlife, plants and trees all around.

The Wildlife

There are exceptionally found birds and some mammals too. Not only are these but there are other attractions for relaxation of your mind. It comprises of loud and beautiful waterfalls and peaking mountains to get you carried away. It’s a lush green lowland upland savannah and bamboo thickets are another joy for its voyager.

While you see the sights you will figure out what nature has laid in this widespread beauty of nature which remains yet to be discovered more.

These points validate the fact of valuing its conservation, despite that, unfortunately, the illegal transportation of timber and harvests are still being reported about it.

There are a lot of trek guides available to answer your queries for planning your unforgettable visit. Kayaking and camping at Virachey National Park are worth giving up your civilized and techno world for some time to soothe your soul with a journey that lasts forever in your heart that you can reminisce forever.

However, remembering the facts that it is quite obvious to meet some unwanted wild guests around, stay cautious and protected. Always follow the guidelines of your trekking consultant and discuss the trip before you embark on it in order to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

Once you realize what you have been missing and witness a place like Virachey National Park, you actually learn that one lifetime is just not enough for us to learn and absorb a masterpiece of this sort.

Giving up on our regular routine and opting for a break like this park is definitely worth it, this beauty makes you realize what you had been missing and there is still a lot to discover in Cambodia and around the globe.

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