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If you are someone who is in search of awesome trekking destinations to go up against while touring Cambodia, you’re in good fortune!

Here is rundown of the best trekking in Cambodia in the light of amazingness. It can be hard to pick the right route for you, as your own wellness capacity and time plays an important part, therefore we want you to enjoy the best of your trekking experience.

Some trekking visits expect you to book ahead of time and on the off chance that you need to go up against the huge brutes of mountains, you’ll require two or three days of your holiday! Whatever your capacity, style or inclination is, we trust this best trekking in Cambodia rundown will enable you to encounter some astounding routes.

River of a Thousand Lingas Hike – distance 6 KM

In case you’re a history buff, this climb is exclusively for you. The climb itself is genuinely simple, however, because of the very trails being loaded with bending digs that make up an incredible hindrance course, the climb is considered moderately tough. When you achieve the highest point of the wilderness clad mountain after roughly 60 minutes, you’ll be stunned to see the streaming River of a Thousand Lingas; this is the place is where the history comes in.

A profound, verifiable and social historic point, the waterway gives you a hands-on (and feet in!) get ready to be flabbergasted and elevated here! Once you’ve taken in the old waterway, all in all, you can chill in the waterfall and enjoy some lunch before heading back. You may even get the chance to hit the famous pink sandstone Citadel of Women or some Angkor temples in transit in case you’re fortunate!

Ream National Park – distance 7 KM

Climbing trails in the Ream National Park are a standout amongst the most trekking routes for climbing in Cambodia. Unsurprisingly, as the national park is loaded with mangroves, freshwater swamps, estuaries, and woodlands, and shorelines, coral reefs, and islands! Indeed, even the natural life here is similarly as shocking as the environment.

With 210 square kilometres of stunning nature blooming, you can clearly see why the climbing trails here are a top choice. Amongst many trails, the specific climb that we are discussing is the 7km (2-hour) stroll through the slopes of Ream Park. Why? Since you get the opportunity to see the best of nature and the drift that lush hills bring to the table, additionally you can also enjoy the visit on a boat to the islands! How does a chilling session with turquoise after strolling in the nature sounds?

Crater Lake Circle Hike – distance 3 KM

If you ever happen to move from the Ratanakiri Province to Stung Treng or even through to Laos, this short hike is a fruity treat. Believe us, you will love it! Yeak Laom Lake is the most wonderful lake in the Ratanakiri Province, shaped by a volcanic ejection very nearly 4,000 years back; 50m profound and 800m wide in measurement, this volcanic pit has conveniently framed a staggering climbing trail around its fringe. For an interesting walk along a backwoods way, surrounded by wood houses, we can’t imagine anything other than perfection.
A cherry on top: you can swim in the lake’s clear waters!

Kep Mountains – distance 8 KM

Ideal for a bright day when you’re slightly feeling adventurous, this is our most loved DIY climbing trail in Cambodia. Settled in the focal point of the Kep peninsula between the lush and thick backwoods aka Kep National Park, this timberland comes with awesome biking and climbing trails!

Tearing the line you will find yourself passing charming wats and stunning sceneries en route. The feature of the climb is the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ trail that forks off this route. Driving tough to a transcending pagoda, an abbey, and the glorious Sunset Rock Viewpoint. There’s in no way like an astonishing viewpoint up high in the clouds!

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