Training Restaurants in Cambodia

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Training restaurants in Cambodia are now an important training and vocational scheme in addition to offering the tourist a genuine slice of sustainable, responsible and tasty tourism!

Life is all about making choices and finding yourself. When you begin to set your goals, you start learning about yourself.

It might be weird but sometimes your plans make you miss out that side of your personality where you feel you can enjoy and earn but sometimes you compromise and give up on that due to the peer pressure you may receive.

A New Start

People opt for different professions including some odd ones which later become the reason for contentment and fame in their journey.

Nowadays, it is many people’s desire to be a culinary art professional which is a great addition to career opportunities in recent times.

Cambodia might have had a turbulent recent history but, despite that, its training restaurants offer vast opportunities to the apprentice as well as those who are grownups but still wish to pursue cooking as their line of work.

The food business is a multi-million dollar industry in Cambodia these days which means serious competition of fine cooking skills. Therefore, it is important that there are capable training institutes for the enrichment of your skills.

Cambodia is a place where you find a lot of options to gain expertise in the culinary arts. The training restaurants of Cambodia are giving their trainees everything they need to learn and build a sustainable future for themselves. The country is heading towards a success story and is fighting back all those hardships it faced in the past.

The first step to attracting the world is through great food and service. Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are both doing some commendable work for helping the young underprivileged people achieve a working line where they can make money and be a fine expert in their field. In Phnom Penh, you will find many training restaurants which offer training to aspiring cooks and waiters/waitress’ within the industry.


There are also several NGO based training restaurants where students go for chef and hospitality schooling. These restaurants not only accommodate the apprentice but also serve the wants of their customers without asking them for favours to charity or compromise their taste buds.

The procedure of these restaurants is quite simple, they make multiple achievements by not only training new cooks but also the amount earned by the diners is sent to the related NGO to make both ends meet. This way of serving the foodies and the Cambodian underprivileged simultaneously is certainly commendable and pioneering in the global sustainable tourism industry.

Visiting a Training Restaurant

Being a charitable training restaurant does not mean there is any compromise on the flavour of dishes they serve you, the food is equally mouthwatering and tempting to eyes than some of the best restaurants out there!.

The quality of food and its standard is exemplary and certainly meet the international standard most tourists expect. Acquiring such traits means one cannot compromise on their staff and management. Therefore they believe in training programs which are state of the art and are starting to be recreated in other areas of the world.

The restaurants ensure to maintain their legacy of Cambodia by providing scrumptious food and an environment worth visiting. It was for the sake of development of the country that they provoked the idea of giving best cooks to their motherland and build up strong scope in the field of culinary arts.

These training restaurants offer a wide range of international and local food which means students will graduate with a wide range of skills.All these efforts made by the training restaurants of Cambodia is working miraculously for street children and emerging youth, not to forget the adults who are also counting on being a chef as an opening for their future.

Contrary to that, Cambodia is setting its mark gradually around the world not only by this mere act of kindness providing training programs but also being a genuine highlight to its visitors.

If you would like to visit a training restaurant we highly recommend  Friends in Phnom Penh and Haven in Siem Reap.

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