Siem Reap Top Attractions: A sensational province and packed with things to do. It is the ultimate destination for the majority of its many thousands of tourists.

The greatest attraction of all being the Angkor Archaeological Park. Home to the world-renowned and utterly momentous  Angkor Wat.


Image of beutiful Wat Phnom Temple in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh Top Attractions: Cambodia’s capital is home to many of the country’s top attractions.

This is a remarkable city. Rapidly transforming and beginning to blossom after its turbulent past. The people of Phnom Penh are determined to restore the city’s former prestige. Once known to the world as the Pearl of Asia,  now works relentlessly to repair its reputation.

It is packed with appealing adventures. It tempts tourists from around the world. From its captivating Khmer architecture to its bustling markets, plus all that lies in between makes this a charming city.


Floating Village, Siem Reap

Naturally, Siem Reap is best known for being home to Cambodia’s top tourist attraction, Angkor Wat.  

That being said, Siem  Reap, not only offers this monumental temple for folk to flock to see. There’s still some lesser known places most people who visit agree, not one of them ‘s left disappointed but glad of the chance to have been.

Good planning ahead of arrival relieves any need to feel rushed. Take the time to unwind, put your feet up. Relax, so your body adjusts. The heat can be very exhausting. It’s best to keep out of the sun.  Remember that water’s important, so drink as much as you can.


Image of a man in Cambodia

Cambodia really has got a lot to offer from its timeless landscapes, ancient and modern history and culture and the incredible hospitality of the people keep tourists coming back for more. Here are a few reasons why the country should be on everyone’s must-see list.


Sihanoukville Beach

Sihanoukville’s beaches are the main attraction for many tourists. Drawn to them by the soft, white-sandy beaches and sparkling azure waters. Sihanoukville possesses the most prominent beaches in Cambodia. The beaches stretch across three districts. Sihanoukville town (named after the former king, Sihanouk) also encompasses a large port zone. Locals still refer to the town by its old name, Kompong Saum.


Fishing In Cambodia

Fishing in Cambodia offers the visitor an incredible array of species and locations to cast their line. There is also the chance of catching a genuine monster as Cambodia is home to two of the biggest freshwater fish species in the world, the Giant Mekong Catfish and the Giant Freshwater Stingray. (more…)