Image of the beautiful circular lake in the forest at Ratanakiri

Ratanakiri is located in North East Cambodia (north of Mondulkiri) and translates to “Mountain of jewels”.  Ratanakiri province is full of dense forest it incorporates the Annamite Range, Tonle Sap and Tonle Srepok rivers. The province shares borders with Vietnam and Laos, and has long been occupied by the minority highland tribe of Loeu and the province is still rich in traditional culture.

Ratanakiri Province is full of natural diversity. Here you will find hills, mountains, lowland watersheds, lakes and rivers, and up to 70% of the land is dense forest. With fertile red soil in the plateau region, there is a vast array of native flora and fauna. History in Ratanakiri dates back to the Stone or Bronze Age with changing boundaries and division. Nowadays Ratanakiri is made up of Banlung in the centre, Ta Vaeang and Veun Sai in the north, and Lumphat in the south.


a view over the plains of Ratanakiri.

Ratanakiri is located in Cambodia’s far northeast bordered by Laos to the north, Vietnam to the east, Mondulkiri to the south, and Stung Treng to the west. Ratanakiri is a rural mountainous province, 70% of the population belong to an ethnic minority, who are known as “Chunchiet”. (more…)