A metered taxi, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The rise of metered taxis has made its way to Cambodia with huge success. As the worldwide spread of the personalized taxi service Uber continues, a lot of other companies have found alternatives to increase competition in this industry. This has lead to metered taxis being preferred over local transport because of their cheaper and much more safer travelling methods. (more…)

A photograph of various nominations of Cambodian money notes.

Money transfer services in Cambodia are a huge and ever-increasing sector of the economy. The market has recently got more competitive with new companies looking to muscle in on the profits that are to be made. The market leader is a company called Wing who have gained a large client and agent numbers in the past decade. (more…)

1/2 Day Explore Genocide History

Safety in Cambodia used to be a concern because of the country’s turbulent history. Here is a guide to the most commonly asked questions that first-time visitors to the country ask. (more…)

How Much will my Cambodian holiday cost

As more and more tourists come to Cambodia for their holidays every year one of the most asked questions is: How much will my holiday cost? Cambodia is no longer a destination reserved exclusively for the budget traveller, with a whole range of luxury offerings blooming across the country. (more…)