Battambang Province is in northwestern Cambodia. The province shares its name with its capital city, Battambang. It is the fifth largest province in Cambodia, while Battambang city is Cambodia’s second largest city.  That being said, it still has the feel of a small Cambodian town and much of its charm still remains.

The province reaches the banks of Tonle Sap Lake which is one of their primary sources of water. The other source comes from the Stueng Sangker River which flows through Battambang city.  Hence, the soil there is rich in minerals making the land ripe for agriculture. Both the fishing and agricultural industries benefit from having an ample supply of water.

Part of Battambang Province, where it meets the Tonle Sap Lake, is included in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Biosphere Reserve was established by way of Royal Decree in 2001.


3 young Buddhist monks, dressed in saffron robes stand with their backs to the camera in northern Cambodia

The geographically diverse and remote region of Northern Cambodia shares borders with Thailand to the north and Laos to the northeast. (more…)

Image of Wat Banan Temple Battambang

Battambang is famous for its pristine countryside.  Battambang also has many tourist attractions to visit. Many first time travellers to the province might miss Wat Banan, easily accessible from Battambang via a tuk-tuk or motorbike. (more…)

Image of main statue at Battambang province, Cambodia

Battambang is a peaceful and pleasant place and as a province acts as a vital gateway connecting Phnom Penh with northwest Cambodia and Thailand. The main parts of the city are situated close to the Sangker River that winds its way through the province.

Visitors to Battambang may enjoy visiting the following attractions.


A section of train track expands far into the distance.

Battambang’s bamboo train is certainly one of the world’s most incredible rail journeys, meandering its way through stunning provincial Cambodian landscapes on otherwise disused lines left by the French. (more…)