Image of group of people pplanting tree donated by Torch Tours

Get Tree Planting with Torch Tours – Reforest, Not Deforest! Join us getting down and dirty planting trees.

Torch Tours are now offering you the chance to join us on our latest project, Reforest Not Deforest!

Everyone’s a winner! (more…)

Image of a butterfly camouflaged on a tree

Sustainable eco-tourism means taking responsibility for your own actions and the impact they might have on the environment as you travel. It means paying attention to the environment you find yourself in and respecting the communities you visit. (more…)

An artists impression of Le Urban Eco-Park.

Cambodia is set to welcome its first eco-park park construction aimed at creating multi-functional space with the emphasis on the environment. Located, along National Road 3, where trucks ferrying cement and other construction materials zip by to their sites, past the sprawling Vattanac Industrial Park, an unlikely sight looms into view. Breaking the low-rise monotony of industrial factories dotting the sides of the road is a six-storey high modern residential building under construction. (more…)

An architecture's impression of Le Urban Eco Park

Le Urban Eco Park has recently been announced as Cambodia’s first ecologically friendly satellite town. Promoting a greener standard of work and living space, this mixed-use development project along National Road 3 is just 15 minutes from Phnom Penh International Airport and about 30 minutes from the city centre.   (more…)

Image of Water for Cambodia staff loading water onto truck

Who Are Water for Cambodia?

Water for Cambodia is an organisation I came into contact with two years ago in Siem Reap.  They manufacture water filters that produce clean drinking water from contaminated sources.

They aim to supply clean drinking water to rural communities who, otherwise, lack any access. At the same time, they run education programs for young women in the villages where they install their filters. Classes are offered in basic literacy, health and hygiene. Their classes include instructions for the proper use and maintenance of the biosand water filters. The filters and programs are designed to help prevent the spread of water-borne diseases.