Reforestation in Takeo Province

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Reforestation in Takeo is underway. Torch Tours are proud to announce that this month we have planted 600 trees in the rural Cambodian province of Takeo.

Reforestation is important in many ways. Trees combat climate change, clean the air by producing oxygen, they prevent soil erosion and provide food.

Tree planting is a great opportunity to bring people together, involving both communities and visitors in a peaceful activity that improves the quality of life for everyone. Furthermore, everyone plays an important role at a tree planting event.

Reforestation in Takeo

Reforestation in Takeo is in our sights and we have begun our mission. Our aim is to reforest the land and to strengthen local communities. Additionally, aiming to empower the people by helping them to restore and repair the tree cover which is important for both humans and wildlife to thrive.

Latest news

In our latest news,  reforestation in Takeo province is underway. The tree planting experience was all the more enjoyable because we were joined by local school children who were eager to help. We give many thanks to everyone involved.

It was a wonderful opportunity to involve local children in our Reforest, Not Deforest project. It was a great experience, while, at the same time, we had the chance to promote the importance of reforestation to the younger generation. Tree planting is a pleasurable way for adults and children to improve our environment together.

Fresh Habitats

Newly established woodlands, importantly, create fresh habitats which will encourage the return of wildlife to the area. In turn, bringing about a balance in which all life will thrive.

There are a great number of critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable species in desperate need of protection. We aim to provide that protection by building safe surroundings for the survival of Cambodia’s wildlife.

A good example of a species in need of protection is the kouprey (wild cattle, native to Cambodia). Perhaps the world’s rarest mammals which, at one time, were believed to be extinct. In 1960 King Sihanouk announced the kouprey to be Cambodia’s national animal.

Kouprey graze in open areas during the day but, at the same time, need the protection the forests provide. The forests give shelter from the sun as well as refuge from predators. Forests are important to so many animals for the same reasons.

In 1988 it was estimated that fewer than 200 of this species of wild cattle still existed. They are critically endangered due to the destruction of their natural habitats along with other factors such as hunting.

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