Plastic Waste Initiatives in Cambodia

The Problem

Litter pollution, especially plastic, is a global problem that the word is only just beginning to comprehend. The problem is that plastic does not break biodegrade over time, and so all of the plastic ever made is still in existence.

Over long periods of time, plastic does break into smaller pieces / particles, which means that marine life, fish and birds have these particles in their stomachs, and therefore, in the food chain.

This means many species are choking or being poisoned by the effects of eating the debris humans are creating and then humans are eating the poisoned seafood.

How We Help

Educating Kids and Parents

Torch Tours supports Cambodia water cleanup initiatives and organisations. By working together we can help to educate the people on recycling and reusing their plastic and cutting out plastic where possible.

Educating and pressuring companies

By helping to force big retail stores and other major supply companies to be aware of plastic pollution and seek alternative materials for their products.

Image of litter around Cambodian style house