Planning Your Cambodian Holiday

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If you’re looking forward to planning a trip to Cambodia, you’ll find there’s a lot of information out there about what to do, how to do, where and when. This might seem confusing to you for everything that seems a lot of fun is not always easy. Here is our ultimate guide to planning a fruitful holiday in Cambodia.

Choose the ideal time for your Cambodia holiday

Cambodia is a place where there are only two seasons; dry and wet. The weather is mostly dry from October late to April than from May to September it is slightly wetter. The dry season is best for those who want to soak the sun on Cambodian beaches.

Though we encourage you to not go for April because it gets extremely dry and hot. Months like, February, March and April comprise of dry weather which can affect your plans if you like activities on the water. The Cambodian rainy season is a sensible time to visit; surely it rains, but the season is not really a reckless monsoon that can wash off your holiday mood. Plus, Cambodia is beautiful in wet season – lush green landscapes, peaceful temples with the sound of bells and rain will give you legit bliss throughout your trip.

What kind of holiday are you looking for?

Cambodia has got to offer more than you can ever imagine. Whether you are a person who is looking for some adventure and thrill or someone who is craving some peacetime and rich historical experience, Cambodia can be a home to your vacations. Floating villages, beautiful countryside, colonial character, jungles and mountains, charming seaside towns and much more is waiting for you to be explored.

Another hack which can help you make most of your Cambodia trip is to split it into two parts; one for discovering the contented classic side of Cambodia which includes the temples of Angkor at Siem Reap, the capital city of Phnom Penh for some history and culture and then the south coast – either the beach or a sleepy seaside town like Kep or Kampot. And dedicate the other half for some thrill and adventure in Cambodia, such as hiking, fishing, cruising, trekking and much more.

Decide where you are going to stay

There is a high rise in the demand for boutique hotels in Cambodia which suits all budgets and preferences. You can find a variety of excellent quality boutique hotels in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. They cater you with super luxury family hotels with interconnecting rooms, swimming pools and eco lover’s paradise bare-foot style Floating Lounges. You can pamper and treat yourself in any way you want.

Pick a guide

No matter what place you choose for your holiday trip, a guide is a must. You can find a number great friendly guides who will company you while discovering Cambodia. These guides are a brilliant point of contact in the country, quickly answering all the queries you might have on protocols, customs or even where the nearest cash machine is. A guide will help you get into the skin of a country thus it is important that you get a properly trained and vetted guide.

Plan your temple threshold

Temples in Cambodia are like the hair on the body, uncountable! They are all amazing and beautiful and are worth a visit for their own reasons. However, you practically cannot visit all of them in a day. It’s all up to you whether you want to spend three or four days looking over the exquisite carvings and intricate designs in detail or just a single day to visit the most prominent and famous temples, all your choice! But you need to be super planned on what you want to do in Cambodia.

Don’t forget currency details

Usually, all the transactions in Cambodia are carried out in US dollars. Riel (Cambodian currency) is used for local and small purchases. But we suggest you stick with the dollar, you can even draw them from ATMs in Cambodia.

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