Image of Angkor Wat

Thinking of visiting Angkor Wat? Read this essential guide now!

A lot of travel enthusiasts face difficulties when they visit a country which is not among the most well-travelled destinations. Cambodia, a South East Asian country which is now emerging as a new travel hub for wanderers who love to see the magic of nature depicted in mountains and all that lies beneath them, is such a place. (more…)

Image of Angkor complex from drone

Angkor is the ancient capital of the great Khmer Empire. It is, without doubt, one of the most magnificent wonders of the world. As well as a site of immense archaeological significance. (more…)

Image of a man taking a photo of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat Archaeological Park is not just Cambodia’s top tourist attraction, it is also home to hundreds of ancient temples and religious structures dotted throughout the huge 400 square kilometre site. Undoubtedly, Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prohm remain the most popular amongst tourists, attracting thousands of visitors from across the world every day. However, there are many more, less visited temples, worth leaving the well-walked tourist trail for and investing in a multi-day pass.

Here is your ultimate guide to exploring this incredible, sacred site. (more…)

A large tree root grows over an ancient temple in Cambodia.

Every year increasing numbers are flocking to the historical Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat and the other popular temples can seem overcrowded and slightly impersonal if you are visiting during busy times. However, Beng Mealea is one of the hidden jungle temples that is less visited but still has all the wonder and majesty of the more popular temples. (more…)

Image of Angkor Temple

The Angkor temple complex in Siem Reap is certainly one of the most important archaeological sites in the whole of South East Asia. It includes the incredible remains of the different capitals throughout the Khmer Empire, from the 9th to the 15th Century. (more…)

Image of Angkor architecture

Angkor-period architecture dates from Jayavarman II’s establishment of the Khmer capital near Roluos in the early 9th century AD. From then until the 15th century, art historians identify five main architectural styles. (more…)