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Apsara is the most important classical dance in the Kingdom of Cambodia. It originated in Cambodia and dates back centuries. Apsara is anchored in ancient Khmer culture. Apsaras are beautiful female spirits that rule the clouds and waters. They uniquely perform the enchanting Apsara dance. Buddhist and Hindu mythology alike believe these heavenly nymph-like creatures descend from the heavens to visit the earth.  Apsaras are messengers of peace between kings and gods. (more…)

Image of Chhuok before the rescue

In March 2007, Wildlife Alliance Director of Care for Rescued Wildlife, Nick Marx and FA head vet, Dr Nhim Thy travelled to Mondulkiri to begin an incredible Elephant Rescue story. Their task was to inspect an injured elephant calf that had been wandering alone in the forest with a severe wound to his limb from a snare. The calf found a bull Elephant that was cared for by WWF.

Siem Reap Top Attractions: A sensational province and packed with things to do. It is the ultimate destination for the majority of its many thousands of tourists. The greatest attraction of all being the Angkor Archaeological Park. Home to the world-renowned and utterly momentous  Angkor Wat. (more…)

Image of beutiful Wat Phnom Temple in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh Top Attractions: Cambodia's capital is home to many of the country's top attractions. This is a remarkable city. Rapidly transforming and beginning to blossom after its turbulent past. The people of Phnom Penh are determined to restore the city's former prestige. Once known to the world as the Pearl of Asia,  now works relentlessly to repair its reputation. It is packed with appealing adventures. It tempts tourists from around the world. From its captivating Khmer architecture to its bustling markets, plus all that lies in between makes this a charming city.

Tour of Siem Reap 4 Days, 3 Nights (Arrival AM)

Cambodia is among the most alluring countries to visit in South-East Asia. Below is our list of travel tips that we believe to be hugely helpful to travellers planning a trip to this part of the world. Cambodia appeals to travellers of all ages and interests. This is a country which offers a multitude of diverse attractions and activities.  Our travel tips are a practical guide created especially for you.  Read through our travel tips before planning your ultimate holiday. (more…)

Siem Reap Province, located in north-west Cambodia is famous for its legendary temple, Angkor Wat. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)  listed Angkor Wat as a World Heritage Site in 2004. Angkor Wat Spans more than 10,000 square kilometres. The area is blessed by an abundance of natural beauty. The landscape is composed of lakes, rice fields, blooming lotus flowers, deep green jungle, waterfalls and breathtaking sunsets. The provincial capital, also named Siem Reap is located on the banks of the Tonle

Phnom Penh Phnom Penh, not so long ago, was known as the Pearl of Asia. An exotic location capable of conjuring up notions, such as the powerful perfume of the jasmine flower. Or perhaps, images of the remarkable royal palaces and perplexing pagodas. Phnom  Penh is situated on the banks of the mighty Mekong River.  Here the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers are connected by Tonle Sap Lake. Phnom Penh only enters historical records after becoming the Khmer capital during the 15th century AD. Previously, called Chaktomuk (which means the Four Faces), a name denotin

Sihanoukville Province is a small province located on the coast in southern Cambodia. Sihanoukville is named after the former king, Norodom Sihanouk. It is home to the only deep-water port in Cambodia.  The province shares its name with capital, both being named Sihanoukville.  Also known as Kampong Som. Sihanoukville Province's natural assets are a magnet for tourism. The coastal islands are immaculate with pristine beaches. Equally, The National Park is an area of outstanding natural beauty which attracts visitors from around the world. (more&hell

Image of Angkor Wat

Thinking of visiting Angkor Wat? Read this essential guide now! A lot of travel enthusiasts face difficulties when they visit a country which is not among the most well-travelled destinations. Cambodia, a South East Asian country which is now emerging as a new travel hub for wanderers who love to see the magic of nature depicted in mountains and all that lies beneath them, is such a place. (more…)

Kampot Train

Kampot Province is located on the southern coastline of Cambodia. It is around 3 miles from the Gulf of Thailand. It borders with Vietnam. The city of Kampot is on the Preaek Tuek Chhu River and the province is famous for its pepper plantations. Not only is it famous for its pepper plantations but also for its salt fields. Kampot has many French colonial style buildings that date back to the end of the 19th century. One example is The Governor’s Mansion, a well-preserved building which now houses The Kampot Provincial Museum. Kampot was once a major port, although, now it is quiet riverside town. It still holds muc

Battambang Province is in northwestern Cambodia. The province shares its name with its capital city, Battambang. It is the fifth largest province in Cambodia, while Battambang city is Cambodia's second largest city.  That being said, it still has the feel of a small Cambodian town and much of its charm still remains. The province reaches the banks of Tonle Sap Lake which is one of their primary sources of water. The other source comes from the Stueng Sangker River which flows through Battambang city.  Hence, the soil there is rich in minerals making the land ripe for agriculture. Both the fishing and agricultural industries benefit from having an ample supply of water. Part of Battamba

Image of rolling hills in Mondulkiri

Mondulkiri is located in south-eastern Cambodia. The province's capital is Sen Monorom. Mondulkiri is the largest but also the most sparsely populated province in Cambodia. It borders Ratanakiri to the north, Stung Treng province to the northwest, Kratie province to the west, and Vietnam to the south and the east. (more…)

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Do you need a visa to enter Cambodia?  We have created a guide to make life easier. We hope to answer any questions you may have. Read our useful guide on Cambodian visa information which is found below. It is highly recommended that you also make your own enquiries since the requirements for entry into any country can be subject to changes. Cambodia attracts a good deal of tourists. In 2017, Cambodia's tourism sector generated $3.63 billion in revenue (according to the statistics department at the Ministry of Tourism), 13.3% more than the previous year. Visitors to the Kingdom of Cambodia spent $5.6 million, 11.8% above the 2016 figures.

Image of Kep Beach

Kep is a gorgeous coastal province southwest of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Typically famous for its fresh crab markets, it’s a seafood lover’s paradise. Kep (also named Krong Kaeb) was founded in the early 1900’s as a seaside resort town for wealthy European travellers (especially the French), and soon became equally popular with wealthy Khmer. (more…)

A sweeping river with forested mountains in the background sit in Kampong Speu province, Cambodia.

Kampong Speu Province is found to the west of Phnom Penh. It borders Kampot to the south with Koh Kong to the west. Kandal province the east, Takeo to the southeast with the provinces of both Pursat and Kompong Chhnang to the north. Chbarmorn town is the capital of the province. Kampong Speu (meaning starfruit in Khmer) is located just under 50km from Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. The region contains many rivers, mountains and dense forest and is well known for its production of palm wine and palm sugar which is produced from the sap of palm trees. (mor

Image of plastic waste accumulation in CaAmbodia

Plastic pollution is a problem in Cambodia. An issue shared by countries across the globe. Combating the issue is a major concern for many countries in southeast Asia. The Cambodian government recognises the problem and is actively seeking solutions. In Cambodia, a number of initiatives to combat further environmental damage are already underway. Meanwhile, many more initiatives to combat this particular problem are in the planning stages. The best way to effectively limit plastic pollution is to understand that every one of us is responsible for it. Below is our ultimate guide on how you can change the world.

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Cambodia is the new Thailand. Cambodia is not only known as the Kingdom of Wonder, it is the Kingdom of Wonder! In the past Thailand was the place to go for those seeking adventure and experience an inspiringly different culture. Cambodia is better than Thailand now, here's why... From the moment you set foot in Cambodia, you know you are somewhere special. The Khmer culture is rich with traditions that date back centuries. Their roots are firmly fixed in ancient Buddhist and Hindu customs that are evident throughout the Kingdom. The multitude of temples are a testament to this fact. Angkor Wat is definitive evidence of

Sabay Beach is a small and wildly romantic resort tucked away along the riverside in Kampot, southern Cambodia. The restaurant and bar overlook the Preaek Tuek Chhu river and have the most awesome view of the Bokor Mountain range.  Sabay Beach bar is the best place to see the sunset in Kampot. The guestrooms are clean, decorated beautifully and are discretely scattered throughout the grounds. Each room possesses its own dreamy and ultimately unique charm. We highly recommend Sabay Beach for any visitors to the area. It is at the top of our list of places to stay in Kampot.  

Image of girls planting a tree

Reforestation in Takeo is underway. Torch Tours are proud to announce that this month we have planted 600 trees in the rural Cambodian province of Takeo. Reforestation is important in many ways. Trees combat climate change, clean the air by producing oxygen, they prevent soil erosion and provide food. Tree planting is a great opportunity to bring people together, involving both communities and visitors in a peaceful activity that improves the quality of life for everyone. Furthermore, everyone plays an important role at a tree planting event.

Image of group of people pplanting tree donated by Torch Tours

Get Tree Planting with Torch Tours - Reforest, Not Deforest! Join us getting down and dirty planting trees. Torch Tours are now offering you the chance to join us on our latest project, Reforest Not Deforest! Everyone's a winner! (more…)