Money Saving Guide to Cambodia

A collection of Cambodian Riel currency notes.

Cambodia is a particularly good holiday destination even for those on a strict budget, if you are looking to save a few pennies and have the time of your life, take a look at our money saving guide to Cambodia below.

Travelling is such an intoxicating experience that every human being should experience it at least once in their life. It soothes the soul, makes the mind content and allows one the time to consider various other aspects of their lives rather than focusing on daily hustle and bustle.

However, there are still many individuals who don’t travel due to several factors, the financial factor often being the biggest obstacle. Travelling is expensive but that doesn’t mean its impossible. There are still several idyllic destinations that provide one with exciting and exotic experiences which are also likely to cost less money than you would spend at home! Luckily for you, Cambodia is one of them.

Being the beautiful and exotic place that Cambodia is, makes it an exquisite reflection of nature’s beauty. Undeniably one of the country’s charms is the fact that you can still holiday in the country relatively cheaply.

If you are a newbie traveller who doesn’t want to spend a huge amount of money on exploring Cambodia then congratulations! This article is for you. Allow us to guide you on travelling to Cambodia with a small amount of money in your pocket.

Many people claim that USD $30/day or $1000 per month for roaming around in Southeast Asia isn’t enough. Well, it is! Don’t believe us? We made this guide to make it easier for you.

Mentioned below are the tips that are going to help you stay financially stable on your journey to Cambodia. Read along!


Accommodation is a necessity for travellers and in Cambodia, you can find some of the cheapest in the world if you wish! Yes, you can literally live or holiday in Cambodia for just a few bucks a day since there is an abundance of dorms and a number of affordable hotels and guesthouses.

However, luxury comes with a price and you may not be able to have air-conditioned rooms or hot showers but you won’t be there to be snuggled in your room, will you? You’ll be out exploring the fascinating place and people! Cheap accommodation? Check.


Is getting around expensive in Cambodia? Our answer – No, it’s not. In fact, there is a number of options you can take when it comes to roaming in Cambodia. Let’s say that you’re visiting a tourists’ spot in Cambodia, let’s say that it’s the most famous, Angkor Wat. You can either take a Tuk-Tuk Rickshaw which is going to cost you $15- $20 or a push-bike which is even cheaper and will cost you around $2.

There’s also a trick to getting a Tuk-Tuk for cheaper rates. Hail one yourself or order one from a new uber style tuk-tuk app instead of asking your guesthouse owner and negotiate the rates.

Tuk-Tuk drivers are usually friendly and if you manage to befriend one, you’re done for the trip! With the new “uber” style apps available in Cambodia, you will get super cheap rates as low as 35 cents a kilometre in an environmentally friendly LPG powered tuk-tuk.

Even the buses are cheaper and usually, they charge less than $2 for anywhere in the working hours.


Since Western food is all over the globe you can find it in Southeast Asia as well! A standard meal is going to cost you around $2 to $6 which is relatively cheaper than Thailand.

Also, breakfast is available at any time of the day and breakfast is usually the cheapest and most filling option!

If you prefer or want to try the local delicacies you can eat fried rice, noodle soup or many other street foods for less than $1 per meal!

Other expenses

One of the main expenses other than food, accommodation and transportation a traveller bears is alcohol. Alcohol has become an essential part of the travelling culture and guess what? It’s really cheap in Cambodia!

Yes, the local draft beer usually costs between $0.50 and $1, and if you’re planning to go a little fancy, there’s plenty of cheap spirits for you to sample!

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