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Cambodia is the new Thailand. Cambodia is not only known as the Kingdom of Wonder, it is the Kingdom of Wonder! In the past Thailand was the place to go for those seeking adventure and experience an inspiringly different culture. Cambodia is better than Thailand now, here’s why…

From the moment you set foot in Cambodia, you know you are somewhere special. The Khmer culture is rich with traditions that date back centuries. Their roots are firmly fixed in ancient Buddhist and Hindu customs that are evident throughout the Kingdom. The multitude of temples are a testament to this fact. Angkor Wat is definitive evidence of these ancient roots and is recognized as the world’s largest religious monument. The temples at Angkor are adorned with stone carvings from ancient times and are a magnificent site to see.


Image of Angkor Temple


But it doesn’t end there. There is so much more to see and do. If you haven’t been to Southeast Asia before it will be super-food for the eyes and senses from the second you arrive. You’ll be amazed to see how many people manage to travel on a single scooter, a family of five all squeezed onto one bike is quite the norm here. Tuk tuks are in abundance and are the usual mode of transport for locals and tourists alike. They are also a wonderfully atmospheric way of getting around town without being confined to the inside of a cramped car or bus.


Apsara is the most important classical dance in the Kingdom of Cambodia. It originated in Cambodia and dates back centuries. Apsara is anchored in ancient Khmer culture.

Apsaras are beautiful female spirits that rule the clouds and waters. They uniquely perform the enchanting Apsara dance. Buddhist and Hindu mythology alike believe these heavenly nymph-like creatures descend from the heavens to visit the earth.  Apsaras are messengers of peace between kings and gods.


Image of Angkor Wat

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A lot of travel enthusiasts face difficulties when they visit a country which is not among the most well-travelled destinations. Cambodia, a South East Asian country which is now emerging as a new travel hub for wanderers who love to see the magic of nature depicted in mountains and all that lies beneath them, is such a place. (more…)

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Angkor is the ancient capital of the great Khmer Empire. It is, without doubt, one of the most magnificent wonders of the world. As well as a site of immense archaeological significance. (more…)

Phnom Penh is a vibrant city, far removed from its harrowing past, Cambodia’s capital city attracts a steady flow of visitors. Designed around a grid system, the capital does not have a distinct city centre, however, the 3-mile (2-km) sweep of the riverfront known as Sisowath Quay is arguably the most attractive area in the city. (more…)

A giant face of a smiling Buddha carved into one of the walls of Bayon temple, Cambodia.

Located in the heart of Angkor Thom, the Bayon is one of the city’s most extraordinary structures, epitomizing the “lost civilization” of Angkor. (more…)