Koh Kong Province

Koh Kong Island

Koh Kong Province is located in the Deep South West coastal region of Cambodia, bordering with Thailand. The stunning coastline has been spared from much development and is bordered by lush forest and wild mountain ranges.
Backing onto the dense and untouched Cardamom Mountains, the province also incorporates Cambodia’s largest national Park (Botum Sakor National Park).

The region is rich in natural habitat including mangroves and waterfalls. Precious Kirirom National Park also expands into Koh Kong Province and is perfect for wildlife spotting and trekking. The coastal area is full of long sandy beaches with views to a number of Virgin Islands dotted around the clear waters.

Animal lovers will be intrigued by the staggering amount of wildlife that lives within the surrounding habitat. As Koh Kong is still so undeveloped, the wilderness too has been relatively untouched, though some species have become endangered.

Here you may spot incredibly rare dolphins and porpoises, otters, wildcats, macaques, gibbons, deer, and dozens of bird species.


Koh Kong was under Thai (Siamese) administration from 1795 to 1904. In 1904 the region was returned to Cambodia under French rule. The region was once sparsely populated however the government pushed migration to the area and it has since developed quickly.

The province still upholds traditional Khmer customs, while catering for tourists (specifically those doing border runs between Thailand and Cambodia).


Cool season – November- March (17-27c)
Hot season – March-May (29c -38c)
Rainy season – May – October (27-35c)

Things to Do

Dolphin Spotting

Koh Kong is home to the Irrawaddy Dolphin, Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin and Finless Porpoise. The waters at the mouth of the estuary near the mangroves house some of these spectacular creatures and boat tours are available, offering a rare chance to see them up close. Chances are you may also spot some otters on your journey.

Tatai Waterfall

Tatai Waterfall is one of the main reasons many chose to visit Koh Kong. Here you can climb up the various falls and cool off by taking a swim in the crystal mountain waters. The view is wonderful and the fresh air and serenity make for a beautiful day trip.
It’s also possible to hire a boat or Kayak to explore the waters around the falls.

Sner Beach

Sner Beach is popular with both locals and tourists with its stunning coastline. The beach is safe for swimming and full of natural beauty, tucked away around 17kms from the centre of town.

Lam Da Beach

Lam Da beach is full of white sand and palm trees. It has the feel of a hidden away island and is around 20km from the town centre. It’s a popular spot for swimming in calm waters and taking in the surroundings while relaxing under the shade of a tree.

Kbal Chhay Prek Koh Waterfall

The Kbal Chhay Prek Koh Waterfalls are located in Neng Kok Village of Koh Kong. The falls are around 22kms from the town centre and are surrounded by wildlife reserves. The site is popular for swimming and weekend picnics.
There are many other waterfalls, resorts and beaches in Koh Kong Province waiting to be explored as well as nature treks and wilderness conservation activities.

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