Image of girls planting a tree

Reforestation in Takeo is underway. Torch Tours are proud to announce that this month we have planted 600 trees in the rural Cambodian province of Takeo.

Reforestation is important in many ways. Trees combat climate change, clean the air by producing oxygen, they prevent soil erosion and provide food.

Tree planting is a great opportunity to bring people together, involving both communities and visitors in a peaceful activity that improves the quality of life for everyone. Furthermore, everyone plays an important role at a tree planting event.


Image of group of people pplanting tree donated by Torch Tours

Get Tree Planting with Torch Tours – Reforest, Not Deforest! Join us getting down and dirty planting trees.

Torch Tours are now offering you the chance to join us on our latest project, Reforest Not Deforest!

Everyone’s a winner! (more…)

A large tree root protruding out of the ground in Cambodia's dry forests, Mondulkiri

Despite Cambodia’s relatively small land mass, it has the largest dry forests in the whole of Indochina. Dry forests are important habitats for so many species partly because of the seasonal wetland clearings that are interspersed within the forests provide essential food and water. These wetlands in addition to the seasonally dry riverbeds provide an essential network of resources within the dry forests. (more…)

Image of plastic waste accumulation in CaAmbodia

Plastic pollution is a problem in Cambodia. An issue shared by countries across the globe. Combating the issue is a major concern for many countries in southeast Asia. The Cambodian government recognises the problem and is actively seeking solutions.

In Cambodia, a number of initiatives to combat further environmental damage are already underway. Meanwhile, many more initiatives to combat this particular problem are in the planning stages.

The best way to effectively limit plastic pollution is to understand that every one of us is responsible for it. Below is our ultimate guide on how you can change the world.


A group of Cambodian children play on a round-about in Chi Phat eco-village.

Cambodia has got some incredibly beautiful and stunning landscapes such as the waterfall of Kbal Spean or the Otres Beach, but, Chi Phat is one natural attraction which stands out. (more…)

Elephants Monulkiri

The Elephant Livelihood Initiative is a charity that works to conserve the integrity and the habitat of elephants in Cambodia and based in the Eastern province of Mondulkiri. (more…)