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How do Donations work?

Do you use to book your accommodation? do you need to rent a car anytime?

Then you can use our links when making your bookings and we will donate to the following causes:

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Torch Tours Donation certificate from Wilflife Alliance

Wildlife Alliance

A Well respected organisation that help to protect, rehabilitate and relelease animals back into the wild when possible, especially animals on the endangered list.
Torch Tours Solar donation for Red Road Foundation

Solar for Schools

We help to provide kids with free education and help to build schools in rural areas so that they can hope for a better future out of poverty. Every child deserves a chance and by using our links, you can contribute to this.
Biosand Filter - Torch Tours Donation

Water for Cambodia

We work with Water for Cambodia, an organisation that supplies and installs water filtration systems in rural areas where poor people don't have access to clean drinking water. The water filters cost around $60 and can supply an entire village with safe, clean drinking water helping to elliminate death from contaminated water sources.
Image of Khmer kid planting tree for Torch Tours

Reforestation Programs

Global Habitat loss is one of the most important aspects of conservation, as well as helping to protect and campaign against loss of habitat due to corporate powers and demand for wood and palm oil, Torch Tours actively reforest areas via the donations we recieve and from our tours. This year we planted 2000 trees in Takeo province and plan to do another 2000 next month.>
Image for plastic free Cambodia via Torch Tours

Plastic reduction programs

Plastic waste is one of the biggest polluters of waterways and oceans. It is estimated there is more plastic in the sea than there are fish, and more and more animals are found washed up on shorelines with stomachs full of plastic. We help to educate and reduce the use of single-use plastic.

How does it work?

We have made an affiliation with Booking .com and now Rentalcars so that when you make your booking as normal, if you use our referal link then we get a commission from your referal.

Once you have checked out of your accomodation or returned your rental car, we get paid a commission which we then pass onto the afforemntioned organisations and causes. It is that simple.

You don't pay any extra.


You can also donate to use directly. Here are the links you can use. For Bookin .com just do your search initially from our website then you will be taken to booking .com - there will be our reference number in the link (URL) that confirms you have been directed from our website. Book as normal and you can help.

Direct donation

Or you can simply donate whatever amount you wish right here to us and we will pass it on!

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We also accept cryptocurrency donations