Chi Phat Eco Village

A group of Cambodian children play on a round-about in Chi Phat eco-village.

Cambodia has got some incredibly beautiful and stunning landscapes such as the waterfall of Kbal Spean or the Otres Beach, but, Chi Phat is one natural attraction which stands out.

About Chi Phat

Chi Phat is one of the most wonderful villages in the country of Cambodia. Once a home to illegal trade and land grabbing, this place has now turned into one of the most suitable places for all kinds of natural adventures that travel enthusiasts love to engage in.

It is a small two-street village with around 630 families living in it. Without any doubt, it is the largest remaining region of rainforest in South East Asia. In 2002, an NGO called Wildlife Alliance started a project in the locality named as community-based ecotourism (CBET) to turn this large area of forests into a source of earning for the locals.

Under this project, various efforts have been made to restore the natural attractions in the area which has helped in attracting many tourists. This development has helped the locals in improving their standard of life.

Ecotourism in Chi Phat

A few decades ago, it was a common thought of action to disperse the inhabitants from a locality desired to be protected. But, this method of preservation has been recently replaced with a new one. As in the case of Chi Phat, the concept of CBET is being implemented where the former poachers are now being turned into the very caretakers of this village.

The activities like hunting, logging and illegal trade are now replaced by many modern-day occupations. The talented youngsters are being encouraged to join hospitality services, trip arrangement teams, handicraft manufacturing, and many other high-income jobs.

Guest Houses and Restaurants

To welcome the tourists in the best welcoming way, around 40 well-furnished and large guest houses have been built. However, you can still go for camping if that is what you are looking for.

The CBET project has attracted many tourists from different nations and to serve them well, a few restaurants are open in the area where a wide range of delicious dishes are always available for the grab. There is also a bar at the CBET centre.

Activities at Chi Phat

This place is not less than a heaven for those who seek fun in the adventure. Have a look at the activities you can do while you’re having a stay in Chai Pat.

● Hiking
● Cycling tour around the village
● Camping beside river
● Trekking into the forests
● River cruises
● Volunteer gardening programme
● Cooking class to learn Cambodian cooking
● Message service at a local parlour
● Tour of the wildlife release station

Cycling is a really fun activity if you’re not into tiresome and exhausting trekking stuff. Many guesthouses rent out a bicycle for the very low price and you can easily have a tour of the village on your own while you take in stunning views of the forest and the amazing wildlife it contains.

How Chi Phat is Different

To preserve its natural outlook, this village has been kept away from all the unnecessary modern facilities. For example, there is no single bank in the village and hence, you need to make sure that you have enough cash while you plan to visit Chi Phat.

Moreover, the electricity is only available between 5 am and 9 am in the morning and between 6 pm and 9 pm in the evening. Plus, you won’t be able to get WiFi at most of the locations and network connectivity is also weak.

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