The Caves of Phnom Chhnork

Image of Phnom Chhnork

Phnom Chhnork is, without doubt, the most incredible cave complex in Kampot province. The geology of the Kep and Kampot provinces is one of limestone and huge shards of the rock can be seen as mountains dotting the landscape.

Due to its limestone geology, the area is home to many cave complexes, however, what makes Phnom Chhnork special is that the cave contains a brick temple that dates back to the Funan Kingdom in the 7th century.

Cave Temple

The structure of the temple is in unbelievable condition when you consider its age and is thanks to the protection from the elements that the cave has to offer. The stalactites and stalagmites growing into and around the temple make for an amazing visual effect offering the photographer or observer some brilliant visuals!

Make sure you look out for the rock and stalactite formations at the entrance of the main cave in the shape of an elephant’s head.

A second cave can be found at approximately 300 meters from the main cave and temple. The stalactite, stalagmite and rock formations here are not quite as impressive here as in the main cave, however, the cave is deep and feels like more of an adventure as you climb and crawl around.

Getting to Phnom Chhnork

Phnom Chhnork is located around 14 kilometers outside Kampot town on the 33 and 139 roads, it should cost around $5 each way in a tuk-tuk. You will be dropped off at Wat Ang Sdok, after a short walk you will see the entrance point to Phnom Chhnork.

The entrance fee to the cave is $1 per person, the fee will be collected at Wat Ang Sdok by a monk or attendant.

Phnom Chhnork is brilliant to visit at any time of the year, but it is especially beautiful at the end of the rainy season when the surrounding landscape and fields are lush green in colour. Give yourself around an hour for a visit to the cave and temples.

Teuk Chhu Rapids and Waterfalls

Teuk Chhu is located in Snomprampi village, about 8 kilometres north of Kampot town. The main attraction here is a river that flows through the area and the subsequent rapids and waterfall. The cool, clean water flows over large rocks all year round and is a good place for swimming or bathing.

There are many kinds of different fruit available, including durian, mangosteen, rambutan, mak prang, pineapple, grapefruit, custard apple and coconut. There are also many other stalls selling a huge variety of different hot and cold foods and a large array of souvenirs.

The Tekcchou Resort in Kampot is a well-known tourist attraction in Kampot. It is renowned for its limestone caves and other sightseeing spots which are well worth visiting. On weekends you will find the Tekcchou Resort in Kampot quite busy as local people and tourists alike flock to the beautiful, scenic area to enjoy the clean air and water.

The rapids here are very beautiful and there are several different short walks that you can do around the waterfall and rapids. The cool river breeze will refresh you and will make your trip to this place a pleasant experience.

Near the Tekcchou Resort in Kampot you will find various stalls. These stalls generally sell drinks and food.  Various local, as well as international cuisines, are on offer at these stalls.

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