Cambodia’s Hidden Gems

A Buddha statue sits on an alter behind a line of colorful prayer flags, Kampot, Cambodia.

Every year more than two million tourists flock to Cambodia but how many will make it to one of the country’s hidden gems? Cambodia has everything that can totally steal the heart of its travellers which give them some everlasting holiday bliss to cherish forever.

Just give it one chance and who knows, this beautiful lush piece of heavenly environment might end up on the top of your travelling destinations.

Beyond the awe-inspiring temples in Angkor Wat and lush greens of Phnom Penh – from the very local delicious food treats to luxury boutique hotels, beautiful rainforests to mystical waterways – Cambodia has it all.

But don’t think it’s about the end here, there is a lot more hidden gems to Cambodia then you can ever think! Allow us to take you on a journey to discover some of Cambodia’s hidden gems!

Koh Ta Kiev

Koh Ta Kiev – meaning hidden gem in Khmer is a small island that might not have many attractions but it still packs a big pack of beauty from nature. Back then there were only a couple of guest houses, no roads, no electricity, little to no noise – the right peaceful combination to lull you into a state of pure bliss.

You can accommodate yourself in rustic bungalows. But there is a great deal of your enlightenment, including serene treehouses! There’s also a crescent-shaped beach nearby called Naked Beach – which is known as a nature-perfect picture.


This calm and fun place in Cambodia is situated along the mighty Mekong River, Kratie is just about all the peace and anticipation one is always looking out for on a vacation trip. Kratie is most famous for the rare Irrawaddy dolphins that like to live in this stretch of the Mekong river.

For thrill enthusiasts and hungry for nature people, check out the Mekong Discovery Trail.

This trail is a network of paths heading north along the Mekong River. One can easily spend some hours or days on this trail and can bike or motorcycle cruise around. The trail is an ecotourism project created to encourage and bring tourists to local fishing communities along the river.


This town is one heck of an adventure hub for its guests. Rent a scooter and ride free on the dusty roads of Battambang – from scenic views to passing by trains to local traditional food, this place has so much more to offer.

Take a ride on the bamboo train (actually a small, rickety bamboo platform), head back to the city and get familiar with the Cambodian kitchen.

Battambang may not have a glamorous nightlife scene but it has its own flavour. You cannot dare to miss the phenomenal bat cave just outside the city, hidden gems don’t come much better than this!

Every night for about 40 minutes before the sun, millions of bats exit these caves creating an incredible road that weaves itself through the sky. Get along with this sight with a chilled beer in hand and awe-inspire yourself.


Sihanoukville is the place to get your party mood on. This quintessential backpacker town has you covered – from booze cruises to firework displays on Serendipity beach. You could find some of the crazy beaches of Cambodia here, almost 20, including nearby islands. There is a lot of sand to bury your bodies and build castles.

If your idea of hidden gems in Cambodia is something more chilled then head to Otres Beach where you will find all the sun, sea and sand without the crowds and the booze cruises!

Sihanoukville is a fun packet providing you with the best place to get wet, with nearby waterfalls, scuba diving, and boating to keep you going. Sit back as you sip on fresh coconut and enjoy the sun setting in the waters of Sihanoukville.

Kampot and Kep

The pepper capital of the world – Kampot. This place like many other places in Cambodia is home to soulful sunsets. The yellow-orange hues could revitalize your mind soul like anything.

Kep is a picturesque seaside town with white sand town beach which is surrounded by some of the best crabs to be eaten anywhere in Asia! If you want a relaxing break by the sea with some delicious seafood then Kep is you place!

Bokor Hill Station is the city’s main draw located inside Bokor national park, established in the 1920s. The drive up the hill is the best part, as you’re greeted with refreshing, cool air the higher you go, you can feast your soul with stunning views.

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