Cambodia’s Gay Pride Week

The Cambodia Gay Pride Week is an annual event held in Phnom Penh that runs for a total of 10 days. The motto behind the event and celebration is to provide and spread awareness regarding the Cambodian LGBT community and promote them on a larger scale.

The Aim of Gay Pride

The event is themed around the aim of having everybody regardless of sexual orientation, accept LGBT people and accept their equal rights. Celebrations will be widespread and celebrated on a national level all around the country.

The Gay Pride Week aims to dispel the fear and resentment some people have towards homo, bi and transsexuality. The people who have been organizing this event have come forward from the business and social sectors and prominent members of the LGBT community. This joint venture has proved to be a very positive step in the direction of social unity and common acceptance.

The community will be encouraged to come out and celebrate their orientations. The gay bars around Phnom Penh will be serving special drinks and rejoice the occasion. All the 10 days of the celebration week will be scheduled with proper events for each day. The event will consist of all types of celebrations and parties that will promote the LGBT community and show loyalty towards them.

The Gay Pride Festival

On the first few days of the week, the event will feature a film festival that will show Chinese short films regarding the gay community. A location will be announced where the films will be showcased.

The topic behind these films will be based on what the LGBT community faces as a minority, like oppression and negligence. Other parties will include dance parties, fashion catwalks, singing and music parties. Members of the community will all come together to host these events and participate in the celebration.

The second and third days will host a number of breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners that will have properly set menus with a wide variety of foods and drinks being served.

Restaurants and hotels serve designated menus that have been set at discounted prices, especially for the attendees.

Some restaurants also serve free food and drink if you walk in with your gay partner. Like the event hosted in 2017, the event this year will also have a marathon, called the Tuk Tuk Race. Other than this, pool parties, BBQ parties and street dance parties are also held all over the place that involve music and singing.

Another prominent party that has become the mainstay of this Gay Pride Week is the Mr Gay Cambodia. The event is a copy of the Miss Universe pageant and features catwalks, fashion shows and modelling competitions that decide the annual Mr Gay Cambodia.

Participants from all over the country come forward to partake in this event and show their hard work towards becoming the next Mr Gay from Cambodia.

Cambodia and Homosexuality

The Kingdom of Cambodia has promoted this venture to bring people on a common platform concerning all people no matter what your sexual orientation. The lesbian, gay, bi and trans people have been commonly accepted in the Cambodian community and wait annually for this event to participate and attend it.

It is a really great and encouraging step towards the realization of these people who want to just be accepted as common citizens. Cambodia aims to host similar events in the future where people can come to terms with the fact that the LGBT community is now an integral part of the socio-economic circle of the Cambodian people and their traditions.

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