Cambodian Travel Tips

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Cambodia is among the most alluring countries to visit in South-East Asia. Below is our list of travel tips that we believe to be hugely helpful to travellers planning a trip to this part of the world.

Cambodia appeals to travellers of all ages and interests. This is a country which offers a multitude of diverse attractions and activities.  Our travel tips are a practical guide created especially for you.  Read through our travel tips before planning your ultimate holiday.

Check Out The Tropical Seasons

The best time to visit Cambodia is ‘the end of summer’ or December-February time. Cambodia does have a rainy season but this is often the best time to visit if you want to explore temples without the crowds or if you like adventure holidays. It is not recommended to visit.

Cambodia during the peak heat season due to the intense temperatures. You may struggle to visit all the places on your list during this time of year, however, the guarantee of dry weather and lots of sun is an attraction to any beach lover! Also, most photographers will visit during the dry season as the country is blessed with the clear skies and sunshine to capture stunning landscapes and portraits from dusk until dawn.

Currency and ATMs

The local money in Cambodia is Riel, however, it is more common for tourists to use US dollars than it is to use Riel. Almost all restaurants and shops will charge in US dollars and you will most likely get any change that is less than 1 dollar in the form of Riel.

It also makes it easier to exchange money back home as most currency stalls do not recognise Riel as a foreign exchange currency. ATM’s are easily reachable or available in most locations, except very rural areas and credit card payments are also accepted at most hotels and restaurants in the larger cities.

Visit Your Doctor

A visit to your doctor for information and vaccinations before you leave your home country is advisable. Make enquiries about vaccinations for Hepatitis (A or B), and typhoid before coming to Cambodia. This is a safety measure just in case you come into contact with contaminated food or water.

Travel Tips – Places to Visit

Siem Reap is the most visited town in Cambodia. It is the most incredible place to find yourself as you explore the world’s most extraordinary and majestic archaeological site, The Angkor Temples. Other places that are highly recommended are Phnom Penh, Battambang, Kep (known for its popular crab dishes), Kampot (river activities take place here), Ratanakiri (if you’re a nature lover), Sihanoukville or Otres Beach (the place for beach and photography lovers), Koh Rong Islands (home to some of the most beautiful Cambodian beaches).

Linguistic Theme

Khmer is the traditional language spoken across the country with the exception of the areas where ethnic minorities reside. English, French and Chinese languages are also spoken relatively widely in Cambodia as well.

If you are planning on visiting countryside regions or smaller towns, speaking of English will be confined or frail, so it is important to learn a few key phrases in their traditional language through Google or other platforms to help you along.

Khmer Essential Phrases

Every individual who visits Cambodia will find these essential words and phrases a great help during their visit. Hello: Jum reap sou (formal) or Sou sdey (informal) Goodbye: Jum reap leah (formal) or Leah hi (informal) Yes: Baht (for men), Cha (for women) No: Oht tey Thank you: Ah kun Sorry: Sohm tou How much is this?: Tah ni thliy pun mann? Expensive: Thliy Where is…?: (Name of location), nouw ey na?

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