Alternative Experiences in Cambodia

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Cambodia really has something for every traveller, so if you are looking for some of the more daring and alternative vacation experience, carry on reading below for some great ideas!

Here are some ideas to some more crazy and alternative things to do in Cambodia!

Cambodia, known for its soulful scenic sights and meditative temples, also possess a devilish side just as we do. There are many epic and crazy things you can experience exclusively in Cambodia, here is a wisely picked guide to some of them.

Drink from your nightmares – tarantula wine

Before you blow a gasket, no, it isn’t alcohol produced using tarantulas. It’s a legitimate home-made jug of rice wine loaded with most likely near 30 tarantulas chilling inside. So it’s extremely even more a bug imbued mixed drink. Absolutely pure, made of love, pour yourself some wild goodness – a shot of a lifetime and think back of that time you drank a genuine tarantula.

Exclusive temples

You wouldn’t have a sleek Cambodian holiday without hitting up the astounding temples of Angkor. Huge numbers of these structures were constructed in the 12th century so these amazingly remains standing firmly will definitely give the chills down your spine.

Channel your inward Indiana Jones or Lara Croft and dig into the jungle mazes of Ta Prohm and Bayon. Not at all like those fictional characters though, drink a considerable measure of water to stay cool.

Cambodian local feasts

In case you are feeling like there is a sustained less amount of food recommendations in this list, then this one is for you. There is one eatery specifically called Damnak Meas in Siem Reap known for wonderful Khmer BBQ and furthermore some amazing feasts.

Get your hands on some bee sanctuary, crocodile, and even the male sex organ of a bull! In case you’re a male and you feel bad about the last one, we ain’t judging!

If you are done with reading and actually feeling like “hell yes, I’m in” congrats! You’re officially prepared for Cambodia. Lock in, it will be a wild and marvellous alternative trip.

Fish pedicure in Siem Reap

Ever needed to have a little fish snack and draw the dead skin off your feet? This fantasy can be acknowledged at one of the many fish spas in Siem Reap. For once you may not feel like a big fan and you might squirm, wince and giggle madly the whole time.

It doesn’t hurt, only the most bizarre stimulating feeling that one can’t depict, yet something you should always feel special about.

Fried tarantulas in Skuon

Skuon is basically a truck stop, where local people get some easygoing and often delicious fried bugs on their way home. There are numerous frightening little creatures to pick up from, large creepy tarantulas being the most noteworthy of them all.

If you are brave and don’t suffer from arachnophobia then let your alternative side kick in and pick one up and play with some live tarantulas first and afterwards gear up the certainty to eat a fried one. Bon appétit!

Jungle sweet jungle – jungle homestay in Chambok

Getting a chance to spend a night in the rustic wild jungle of Chambok is certainly a rare opportunity. The ride in will give you some chills down the spine with an urge to pat your driver’s back for the courage he showed for driving through the bridge.

All the trouble will seem justified as you discover the lavish virgin rainforest environment. Get comfortable on a shared mattress under a mosquito net. Take along some snacks and treats to feast on before you put yourself in a calm deep sleep in the depth of the jungle.

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