Torch Tours Mission

The money you donate and a % of our total profits go towards the following areas of concern
image of Cambodian/Khmer boy planting a tree

Dedicated to providing information, education, tours and helping sustainable initiatives in Cambodia.

  • Information service for Cambodia
  • Promoting and supporting Eco-Friendly initiatives, tours and places to visit
  • We donate a % of our total profits to help fight poverty, deforestation and endangered species
  • We help to supply renewable energy sources such as solar and water filters
  • We raise awareness of important problems via news, information, education and donations

Who We are

About Toch Tours Information, fundraising and Travel Services
Information and Charity

Torch Tours Owners consists of Local Khmer (Cambodian) and Western staff to bring you the local knowledge and information not found anywhere else.

We are constantly updating and adding new, interesting and useful information to our site, you can get involved in conversations, ask questions and get advice by visiting our information / blog

Our UK Directors insist that our company meets the high standards expected by travelers around the globe and ensures peace of mind when booking through one of our recommended companies.

Why Choose Us?

Why book through us?

By booking via Torch Tours, you will get the same rate and often an even cheaper rate than booking directly with our affiliated partners. Also we will donate a % of your booking to one of our affiliated charities or initiatives.

How do we make profit to donate?

We have spent years searching for the best and most eco-friendly companies to work with and have negotiated fantastic net prices so that we can then pass a large portion of that on to charities. A part of the profit naturally goes towards the cost of running the business and any surplus is filtered back to the environment, the people and the animals

Why use torch Tours referral link?

Again, we have negotiated an incredible discount with - so simply search via one of our links and you will be directed to the website as normal - once you have checked out of your accomodation we then get commission which we donate to our affiliated charities.